Akamina Ridge
Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I traversed Akamina Ridge from Forum Peak to Bennett Pass on 2 July 2000.  From Akamina Pass, we followed the cutline along the Continental Divide.  We had a tough time on the steep and bushy lower sections of this route, but once we reached tree line, we made better progress.  Some lingering snow patches on the crux forced us to ascend closer to the crest of the Divide, but we were soon relaxing on the grassy summit of Forum Peak (2470 metres).  From there, we continued easily over the rest of the undulating ridge to Bennett Pass before dropping down to Wall Lake and hiking out.  Combined with the long drive from Calgary, this turned out to be a pretty long day trip for us, but as always, it was well worth it.
Nice shades! Sonny climbs up along the Continental Divide.  Chapman Peak and Mount Custer dominate the background.
Forum Peak Kelly and Dan trudge past some larches en route to Forum Peak.
Forum Lake This is Forum Lake as seen from near the crux.
Summit of Forum Peak Sonny and Kelly stand by the summit cairn of Forum Peak.
That hand is painful to look at! Dan does some finger contortions high above Cameron Lake.  In the distance is Mount Cleveland (3190 metres), the highest peak in Glacier National Park (US).
Tough part is over! The ascent route along the Continental Divide and through the headwall of Forum Peak is visible.  At upper left is Mount Alderson.
Akamina Ridge The high point of Akamina Ridge is the first bump from the left.
Jacob's Ladder? Dan and Kelly hike up the easy slopes below the high point.
Very windy here! Kelly feels the full force of the wind on the 2560-metre high point of Akamina Ridge.  Kintla Peak (3079 metres) and Kinnerly Peak (3031 metres) rise over a vertical mile above Upper Kintla Lake.
Find Kelly and Dan in this photo. This is the view from the second bump along the ridge.
Wall Lake Wall Lake