Mount Baldy
On 28 April 1996, I scrambled up Mount Baldy with Leslie Fiegenwald, Dan Millar, and Lyle Thiele.  This was a pretty straightforward trip without any mishaps or problems.
The Hillary Step? Dan carefully descends the crux while Leslie and Lyle wait and watch.
Spot the scramblers! This is looking back at the gendarme.  The detour is marked.
Yeah, baby! Sonny reaches the 2192-metre summit of Mount Baldy.  Click here for a view of Barrier Lake from the top.
I returned on 13 March 1999 with Edwina (Eddie) Podemski and Chris Wood to make a 'winter' ascent of Mount Baldy.  Although most of the route was dry, the wind threatened to blow all three of us off the mountain.  Consequently, we didn't linger too long at the top.
Back for more fun! Chris and Eddie negotiate the crux.
A winter ascent! Eddie and Chris (on the horizon) approach the summit.
Worth another look! Chris stands high above Barrier Lake.  Barrier Mountain is the most prominent landmark across Barrier Lake.