Big Sister
On 7 August 1999, Dan Millar, Lyle Thiele, Terry (friend of Lyle's; I missed his surname) and I bagged Big Sister.  This was a busy day on the peak with numerous parties crawling up and down the scrambler's route.  Despite all the traffic, there were no problems with falling rocks or bottlenecks.  The summit was a little crowded, but everyone still had plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the views.
This is where all the hard work pays off! The summit is visible at left but is still quite some distance away.
Closing in on the summit! Lyle and Terry work their way up the ramp to the left of the pinnacles.  Believe it or not, Dan is standing at the summit in this photo.
It's in the bag! Sonny stands atop the summit cairn at an elevation of 2936 metres.
Pika Boo! How it manages to survive is a mystery, but this pika lives at the summit of Big Sister. 
Not as hard as it looks. On the descent, Lyle, Terry and Dan scramble up a cliff band which they had to downclimb on the ascent.
Very enjoyable! This is Dan near the top of the cliff band.