Mount Bourgeau
On 19 August 2000, Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I hiked up to the top of Mount Bourgeau.  This was a long trip, but we had no particular difficulties following the well-worn trail all the way to the summit.  The weather on this day was a real mixed bag.  We had overcast skies for much of the hike up to Harvey Pass at which point the sun came out.  Then we got snow flurries at the top of Mount Bourgeau, but by the time we returned to Harvey Pass, the sun was out again.  When we got back to Bourgeau Lake, a thunderstorm blew in, and we were accompanied by a steady rain for the rest of our hike out.
Please stay on the trail! This is the tarn situated above Bourgeau Lake.  The summit of Mount Bourgeau is visible at upper right.
Harvey Pass...mmmm, Harvey's... Dan and Sonny are all smiles at Harvey Pass.  At far left is The Monarch (2903 metres).
Try not to lean on the snow... Sonny strays from the route to check out a huge chunk of snow dangling over the edge.
Where's the house? Kelly and Sonny stand on the 2930-metre summit of Mount Bourgeau.
Crazy weather! The light dusting of snow on Kelly is a testament to the fickle nature of the weather in the Canadian Rockies.  Barely visible through the clouds at upper right is Mount Ball.
Better get going!  A thunderstorm is brewing... Kelly and Dan bask in the sunshine near Harvey Lake.