Mount Carnarvon
Taking advantage of the excellent weather on 21 September 1997, Dan Millar and I drove out to Emerald Lake and climbed up Mount Carnarvon.  This was a long outing for us, but the enjoyable scrambling on the upper mountain and the splendid views on this day made the effort worthwhile.  The whole trip went without a hitch.
Hamilton Lake After a rather mundane hike through the forest, Dan finally gets a good look at Mount Carnarvon from Hamilton Lake.
South Ridge This is Mount Carnarvon's south ridge.
Very enjoyable scrambling! This is typically what the terrain is like on the upper mountain.
One last push... Dan climbs up the final broad gully before the summit.
At the top! Dan and Sonny stand beside the cairn on the 3040-metre summit.  Click here for a panoramic view from the top.
Going down. Sonny walks along a narrow ridge during the descent.  On the horizon at right are the Goodsirs.