Cascade Mountain
Dan Millar and I took advantage of the warm weather on 27 July 1996 to scramble up another Banff classic--Cascade Mountain.  The hike up to Cascade Amphitheatre--endless switchbacks, no views, constant hounding by mosquitoes--was clearly the worst part of the trip for me both on the ascent and the descent.  The best part of the trip for me was everything in between, especially reaching the summit and being treated to a million-dollar view of Lake Minnewanka flanked by Mounts Aylmer and Inglismaldie.
Finally, no more bugs...for awhile! Dan gets a good view of the head of Cascade Amphitheatre.
Wrong summit, Dan! This is looking up at the false summit from the detour below.
Yeah, another one! Sonny reaches the 2998-metre summit.  Click here for a view to the east.
Looks like fun! On the descent, Dan takes a rather interesting shortcut near the false summit.
Looks like more fun! Sonny unwittingly follows.
Photo Courtesy of Dan Millar