East End Of Rundle
After a previous attempt was aborted because of too much snow, I returned on 31 May 1997 and successfully scrambled up the East End Of Rundle (EEOR) near Canmore, Alberta with Dan Millar and Kelly Wood.  We had no major difficulties other than trying to determine which was the 'real summit' if such a term could be applied to EEOR.
Great views all the way up! Dan stops to tighten his shoelaces.  Chinaman's (Ha Ling) Peak and Mount Lawrence Grassi are the two peaks at right.
Rubble, rubble, toil and trouble! Kelly pauses to catch her breath while Dan climbs up the right skyline.
Alan Kane's "summit" (GR103598)? Dan stands atop Alan Kane's 2590-metre "summit".
Here's what we came to see! Chinaman's Peak and Mount Lawrence Grassi are visible across Whiteman's Gap.
Ah so! Despite being Chinese, Sonny still prefers the name, "Chinaman's Peak", over political correctness.