Mount Fable
Dan Millar and I scrambled up Mount Fable on 12 June 1999.  We had no real difficulties, but the long approach up Exshaw Creek and then Fable Creek seemed monotonous at times.  When we did this trip, we hadn't seen Alan Kane's new edition of Scrambles In The Canadian Rockies, and thus, we had no aspirations to do the traverse to Gap Peak.  Perhaps that would have been a more interesting way to return than having to trudge back out Exshaw Creek.
Pretty boring up to this point! Dan leaves Exshaw Creek and heads up Fable Creek.  Mount Fable looks impressive from this vantage point.
Okay, still pretty boring! This is the scree slope below the col west of Mount Fable.
Much better! Dan reaches the 2702-metre summit of Mount Fable.
Traverse to Gap Peak?  Nah... Dan makes his way down the west ridge back to the col.
Hey Sonny, two minutes for looking so good! Sonny pauses near the col.  The south end of the Mythic Towers is visible behind him.