Fairview Mountain
Hoping to squeeze in just one more scramble for the season, Dan Millar, Lyle Thiele and I hiked up to the Saddleback on 26 October 1996 before continuing up to the top of Fairview Mountain (2744 metres).  The weather that day started out sunny but turned cloudy as we reached the summit.  At least we didn't get struck by lightning.
Haddo Peak Lyle hikes up to the Saddleback with Haddo Peak gleaming in the morning sunshine.
Clark's Nutcracker Clark's Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana)
Towering Giants From the top of Fairview Mountain, the view to the west is dominated by Mounts Lefroy and Victoria.
Feel like taking a plunge? Lake Louise is over a vertical kilometre below Sonny.