Mount Field
Stan Benedek, Dan Millar and I bagged Mount Field on 22 July 2000.  We were fortunate that the sky was overcast during our ascent; otherwise, we would have been baked going up the west slopes on this warm day.  The cliff band near the top provided a fun diversion for us after the long scree slog, and we subsequently enjoyed a nice, long lunch on the 2635-metre summit.  Stan, who brought along beets for lunch, had some spillage problems in his daypack, but that was the extent of our troubles for the day.
There it is. Stan and Dan hike toward Mount Field.
Who needs a trail? Dan scrambles up some rock bands while Stan searches for an easier route up.
That was too easy! Dan hikes along the summit ridge with Mount Stephen in the background.
Stop rubbernecking! Mount Carnarvon and Emerald Lake catch Stan's eyes as he scrambles the last few metres to the summit.
Watch your step. Sonny likes standing on the edge of big cliffs.  It makes him feel alive.