I originally intended to hike up Jumpingpound Mountain with Dan Millar and his girlfriend on 19 October 1996, but when Dan's girlfriend bailed out at the last minute, we decided to scramble up Mount Fullerton instead.  We got off to a rather late start, but the weather was pleasant enough to encourage us to go for it.  We trudged up Nihahi Creek for what seemed like an eternity before heading up a wide gully which leads to Mount Fullerton's northeast ridge.  A light dusting of snow made the rocks slippery, but otherwise, we had no real problems with the ascent.  We reached the 2728-metre summit shortly before sunset and took some photographs before beating a hasty retreat down the mountain in the fading twilight.  Moonlight would guide us for most of the long hike out along Nihahi Creek and Little Elbow Trail.
Are we there yet? Tedium best describes the long approach via Nihahi Creek.
Where's the summit? This is the northeast ridge.
Looks slippery! Dan scrambles up the slippery slope.
Walking on the edge... Nihahi Ridge dominates the view eastward as Sonny marches up the northeast ridge of Mount Fullerton.
There's the summit! Dan takes the last few steps before the summit.
It's getting dark! Sonny holds up the summit register container.  Mount Glasgow is visible at left.