Grizzly Peak
After a couple of frustrating attempts on the Tower, Dan Millar and I ended the scrambling season on a high note on 15 October 2000 by bagging Grizzly Peak, an unofficially named summit west of Mount Evan-Thomas.  This trip was virtually trouble-free.
Can you spot Dan? Mount Packenham dominates the view on the approach.
What is the summit cairn pointing at?  Better yet, what is Sonny's toque pointing at?? Sonny and Dan relax on the 2500-metre summit of Grizzly Peak.  The Wedge is visible at far right.
The Magnificent Opal Range From L to R are Mount Packenham, Mount Hood, Mount Brock and Mount Blane.
Watch that drop on the left!  It's a real doozy! North of the summit, Dan walks along the edge of the abyss.