Heart Mountain
On 10 July 1994, I convinced my friend, Tammy Wong, to accompany me on a challenging hike up Heart Mountain.  At the time, this was one of the steepest hikes I had ever been on, and both the ascent and descent provided plenty of thrills for me.  Having reached the top of the right hand bump (looking from below, this is the official 2057-metre summit of Heart Mountain), I misinterpreted Gillean Daffern's route description and thought that the horseshoe circuit entailed hiking over to the left hand bump and descending from there.  It didn't take long for Tammy and I to realize that something was amiss when we found ourselves on an alarmingly steep and horribly slippery scree slope.  We basically groveled our way down and across the middle of the 'heart' before regaining and descending the ascent route.   
Where's that horseshoe, Sonny?! Tammy pauses near the top of Heart Mountain.  The horseshoe circuit actually follows the ridge behind her and continues beyond the high point (GR318550) at far left.
The Crux Tammy carefully descends the crux step.
I returned with Stan Benedek and Dan Millar on 11 June 1995 to complete the horseshoe circuit.  We encountered no difficulties throughout the trip, and I wasn't even fazed by the crux this time.  Also noteworthy is the fact that we had the whole mountain to ourselves--a rarity now on most weekends.
Cliffhanger? Sonny takes an alternate ascent route!
Mmmmm...good eating! Dan and Stan enjoy lunch on the 2149-metre high point at GR318550.
Not bad of a view. This is looking north from near the top of the descent ridge.  Yamnuska is visible at right.
Easier than the first time! This is further down the descent ridge.  The village of Exshaw is visible in the distance.