Mount Indefatigable
On 29 August 1998, I scrambled up Mount Indefatigable alone.  I first hiked up to Indefatigable Outlier (as coined by Gillean Daffern) before scrambling along the connecting ridge up to the 2670-metre north (highest) summit.  Traversing to the south summit took me about 45 minutes.  From there, I descended easily to the access trail and hiked out.
Prime bear country! The tarn on the east side of the Mount Indefatigable is nothing but a mud flat.  The north summit is at upper left.
Crux This is the crux of the route up to the north summit.  Note the people scrambling.
Nice day for a traverse, eh? On the north summit, Sonny checks out the connecting ridge to the south summit.
How about those Oilers? Sonny takes the last few steps before the south summit.  The north summit is at right while Mount Warspite is barely visible at left.
It was either this or a picture of the repeater station! Sonny poses at the south summit high above Lower Kananaskis Lake.