Mount Lady Macdonald
Despite really being an outlier of Mount Charles Stewart, Mount Lady Macdonald was the scrambling objective for Dan Millar, Tammy Wong and me on 6 July 1996.  We made good progress up to the site of the unfinished teahouse (there's also a helipad and a gazebo nearby) before continuing on to the summit ridge where things got interesting.  Tammy was a little unnerved by the exposure at the crux, but with a lot of encouragement, she got through it fine and joined Dan and me for lunch on the 2605-metre summit.  Our return across the crux went without a hitch, and we were back at my car after a round-trip time of about 5 hours.
How can you tell this is Alberta? From the site of the unfinished teahouse, Tammy and Dan head toward the skyline notch.
Taking baby steps does the trick! Past the crux, Dan takes the last few steps before the summit.  Grotto Mountain dominates the view to the southeast.
Is this guy happy or what? Sonny rejoices on top of the summit cairn.
Hardly au cheval! Dan watches as Tammy carefully makes her way back across the crux.
Nice deck. This is the unfinished teahouse as seen from the nearby helipad.  Visible in the distance at right are Mounts Collembola and Allan.