Mount Lawson
A day after enduring one of our worst bushwhacks ever (off-route going up Mount Kidd Lookout), Dan Millar and I redeemed ourselves with a scramble up Mount Lawson on 15 June 1997.  We also had some route-finding problems on this trip as we tried to find the correct drainage in the trees.  As it turned out, we ended up too far south when we got to tree line, but it was not difficult to traverse the slope to get back on track.  This was one of those rare trips where I actually felt more energetic than my scrambling partner, Dan, and I led most of the way up to the 2795-metre summit.  Because the day was getting late, we decided to forego Mount Inflexible and simply headed down.
Mount Inflexible Dan trudges up the rocky slope with Mount Inflexible in the background.
This scramble needs a better access trail! This is looking back down at Dan on the upper slopes.  Fortress Junction is visible in the distance.
Almost there! Dan gains the summit ridge.
Another peak bagged! Sonny reaches the summit.
Wheeeeeeeee! Dan slides quickly down a steep snow slope.