Middle Sister
A day after scrambling up Mount Whymper, I went out to bag Middle Sister on 31 August 1997.  I was in a party of nine, and we made good progress up Stewart Creek under cloudy skies.  In the basin at the head of the creek, the clouds completely obscured the upper mountain making route-finding a little tricky.  By this time, most of the party figured that it wasn't worth continuing on to the summit and decided to turn around (Michelle, who almost made it up Mount Whymper with me, was unfortunately denied a summit again).  Dan Millar, Brian Waddell and I chose to keep going, and as we neared the summit, we slowly emerged from the cloud cover into warm sunshine and blue skies.  Seeing 'islands' of peaks amidst a 'sea' of clouds was truly unforgettable.  What was forgettable was the long, uninspiring hike back down Stewart Creek.
Don't give up here! The party enters the basin at the head of Stewart Creek.
Unreal. Dan stands on the 2769-metre summit of Middle Sister.
Little Sister During a moment of inspiration and/or stupidity, Sonny tries to jump over to Little Sister.
Ashes to ashes... Sonny holds the metal box containing the remains of M. B. Morrow, a Canmore Mines executive who made the first recorded ascent of Middle Sister in 1921.
One of my all-time favourites... Brian and Dan begin descending into the clouds.  Mount Sir Douglas is the peak in the middle on the horizon.