Mount Murray
Dan Millar and I made an attempt on Mount Murray on 4 September 1999, but because of route-finding problems, we only made it as far as the peak unofficially known as Cegnfs.  Somehow, we got off-route while hiking up French Creek and ended up on the north ridge of Cegnfs.  We followed this ridge upward, but travel was not as easy as we would have liked.  By the time we reached the top of Cegnfs, we were beat and settled for a quick lunch and a quick exit.
Take it one knob at a time... Sonny stands on a rocky knob somewhere along the north ridge of Cegnfs.  Mount Birdwood is the striking peak in the distance.
Difficult scrambling. Dan climbs up a chute along the north ridge.
Where's Mount Murray? Dan surveys the remaining climb to the top of Cegnfs.
Damnit!  Another aborted scramble! Leaning on the summit cairn of Cegnfs, Sonny grimaces at the prospect of returning to complete the ascent of Mount Murray.
Not the usual way down! Dan descends the east side of Cegnfs to find a lunch spot that is sheltered from the wind.  Mount Galatea is the big peak across the valley.
On 15 July 2000, Dan and I returned to complete the scramble up Mount Murray.  Using the knowledge we gained from our first trip, we knew exactly where to leave the French Creek trail and easily found the drainage that eventually leads to the Cegnfs-Murray col.  We didn't bother going back up Cegnfs this time, but we had a horrible time traversing the ankle-breaking rubble to Mount Murray.  After what seemed like an eternity, we eventually muddled our way up and around the southwest shoulder before ending with some enjoyable scrambling near the top.  One of the names in the summit register belonged to Dave Stephens.  I subsequently sent him an e-mail, and he replied that Mount Murray was one of his less pleasurable outings.  I agreed and was glad that I was done with this miserable peak.
Mount Murray Mount Murray (3023 metres)
Good thing he brought along an ice axe! Sonny carefully traverses the snow slope near the southwest shoulder.
The worst is over! Dan works his way up to the icy chute which leads to the summit.
What's for lunch? Dan writes a haiku in the summit register.  Mount Smith-Dorrien dominates the view to the south.
Neat. Dan hops down the side of a pointy snow drift.
Cegnfs Dan heads back down to the Cegnfs-Murray col.  Visible in the distance are (L to R) The Tower, Mount Galatea, Gusty Peak, Mount Chester, and The Fortress.