Squaw's Tit
On 19 June 1999, Dan Millar and I scrambled up Squaw's Tit, the unofficially-named 2500-metre southwest outlier of Mount Charles Stewart.  Other than some tedious bushwhacking, we had no real difficulties on this trip.
Whoop, there it is! The 'nipple' comes into view near tree line.
Getting so close we can almost taste it! Dan stands on the ridge not far from the final summit block at right.
That's one hard nipple! Sonny balances himself on the narrow summit perch.  Mount Rundle dominates the background.  Also visible at far right is miniscule Tunnel Mountain.
Don't jump! Dan stands on the edge of a cliff during the descent.  Compare this photo with a similar one found here.
Dan getting his just desserts! Back in Canmore, Dan has Squaw's Tit licked!