Mount Yamnuska
Dan Millar, Lyle Thiele, Kelly Wood and I traversed Mount Yamnuska from east to west on 16 June 1996.  The crux provided some interesting moments for all of us, but we all got through safely and soon were enjoying lunch on the 2240-metre summit which we luckily had all to ourselves.  The other highlight of the day was descending the long scree slopes below the south-facing cliffs.  We were literally descending the mountain by leaps and bounds.  Kelly even did a somersault halfway down but kept on going without missing a beat!
Everyone's favourite Yam photo op. Dan and Lyle look for a shortcut down the south face.
Muddling about near the crux... Lyle and Kelly wait and watch as a couple other scramblers muddle their way through the crux.
Watch your step! Kelly and Lyle make their way carefully along the exposed ledge.
Any film in that camera?! At the summit, Kelly suddenly realizes that she has no film in her camera!
Impressive walls. Kelly, Dan and Lyle traverse below the impressive cliffs of Mount Yamnuska.
One of the best scree runs in the Canadian Rockies! Kelly quickly descends the big scree slope.
Although it is rare for me to repeat ascents, I would eventually return on 17 July 2014 to climb Mount Yamnuska once more.