Bald Hills
After doing the Calgary Stampede Parade, I really got into my usual 'stampeding mood' by going camping for the weekend in Jasper National Park with Kelly Wood and Dan Millar.  On 6 July 2002, we hiked up the Bald Hills in the Maligne Lake area.  There were a lot of hikers here that day, but we were able to find some solitude by simply wandering a bit further and higher.  While roaming the hills and jumping over the odd cornice was a lot of fun, the long walk down the access fire road seemed interminable.  Thankfully, somebody had a lot of time on their hands as they created some interesting diversions (including a sizeable inukshuk) out of pebbles and rocks all the way down the road.
Great views already!
Kelly emerges from the trees after a short but stiff climb.
Into thin air?
Kelly follows Dan who seemingly climbs into the clouds.
A Hiker's Paradise
Kelly would eventually wander up to the top of the hill at left.
Sure beats Stampedin'
Dan enjoys lunch high above Maligne Lake and a couple of unnamed tarns.  The mountain directly above Dan's head is Samson Peak.