Camping At Dutch Creek
On the weekend of 19-21 September 2003, Joanne Francis, Scott Mair, Kelly Wood and I went camping at the Dutch Creek campground located about 30 kilometres north of Coleman, Alberta.  Although we got rained on heavily when we reached the campground on Friday night, the skies quickly cleared, and we were treated to generally nice, albeit cool, weather for the rest of the weekend.  On Saturday, we did a short hike up to an odd phallic structure on a small hill east of the Sugarloaf Lookout.  Other activities included playing Yahtzee and cribbage, eating lots of junk food and smokies, drinking assorted beverages (some alcoholic), and chewing the fat around a cozy campfire.

How could we tell we were in redneck country?  On Saturday morning, some yahoo really endeared himself to us by riding his awfully loud dirt bike, complete with skull and crossbones, round and round the campground.  Later on our hike, we met some all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts, one of whom had a rifle mounted on the front of his ATV and who seemed more concerned with our lack of bear spray or guns than his lack of a safety helmet.  Furthermore, he and his cronies had a monster truck proudly displaying a Confederate flag which promised that the South will rise again.  Ain't it great to be an Albertan?
Salty hoops anyone?
Before the camp is even set up, Joanne is already in a partying mood.
Scott, Joanne and Kelly enjoy a rousing game of Yahtzee.
Easy hike.
Kelly, Scott and Joanne hike up the road that leads to Sugarloaf Lookout.
Anyone wanna drink?
Kelly checks out this rather interesting water trough.
Have aliens visited us?
If you have any idea what this structure is, please e-mail me.
Hey, two minutes for looking so good!
Scott takes a well-deserved break.
It doesn't pay to take shortcuts!
Sonny makes like Bishop from the movie, Aliens.
It doesn't get much better than this...
There is nothing like a good, old-fashioned campfire.