The Wedge
The Wedge is one of the most distinctive peaks in Kananaskis Country and is usually highly visible from Highway 40 near Kananaskis Village.  On 17 August 2003, the view wasn't so clear as there was a lot of smoke in the atmosphere from numerous forest fires in the mountains of both Alberta and British Columbia.  Looking to just bag another peak, I started from Wedge Pond and hiked up an excellent trail all the way up to  where the scrambling begins just above treeline.  The northeast face looked a little intimidating when I first looked up from the base of it, but once I started climbing, I realized that the angle wasn't that bad.  The summit ridge has one narrow section which feels a little airy, but overall, I didn't have any problems reaching the 2665-metre summit.  Views were pretty limited on this smoky day; I simply signed the register and headed down.  My round-trip time was 4 hours and 40 minutes.
Not as tough as it looks.
The route to the true summit follows the connecting ridge at left.
Nothing else to look at today!
From the true summit, Sonny looks back at the subsidiary summit where he first topped out earlier.
Get down!
Sonny descends typical terrain on the northeast face.