Mount Allan
Taking advantage of the ideal conditions on 18 January 2004, I hiked up Mount Allan in Kananaskis Country via the Centennial Ridge Trail, and then on the return, I skied down the groomed runs of Nakiska ski resort.  This sounds easier than it was.  Firstly, hauling my heavy downhill skis and boots some 900 metres up to Olympic Summit (top of Nakiska) was bordering on insanity.  Luckily, the snow conditions (compacted) on this day were ideal for walking or else I would never have made it up.  Secondly, the Centennial Ridge Trail, while not technically difficult, has a lot of discouraging ups and downs, and the top of Mount Allan is always further away than it looks.  For me, hiking between Olympic Summit and Mount Allan was, more than anything else, psychologically challenging.  Finally, this was my first time on downhill skis in probably over two years.  The rust certainly showed as I was often flailing my arms while skiing the icy runs.  The growing darkness and my tired feet didn't help my cause either, but somehow I managed to glide back to the base area without a single wipeout (round-trip time of 8 hours).
What's with the skis?! Sonny climbs up the Centennial Ridge Trail.  He doesn't look like he's having a lot of fun.
The Crux Sonny approaches a cliff band guarding Olympic Summit.  Getting through would be tricky with all the snow.
Sure, it can tell you all about the weather, but beyond that, the conversation gets pretty stale. This is likely the device which collects the information found here.
Still some work ahead... After ditching his downhill skis and boots, Sonny starts the long trek to the top of Mount Allan (right) which is about three kilometres away.  Mount Lougheed is at left. 
Steady as a rock. Sonny passes some interesting rock formations en route to Mount Allan.
We're almost there...NOT! The summit of Mount Allan looks enticingly close.
Why do I keep doing this? Sonny's face tells the whole story as he staggers up the final few metres before the top.  Olympic Summit is visible in the distance behind him.
Worth the effort?  Hmmm... Sonny stands atop the 2819-metre summit of Mount Allan.
Can't get enough of pigeons and yams! Pigeon Mountain dominates the foreground in this view northeast of Mount Allan.  Yamnuska is visible at upper right.