Blueberry Hill Ski
Kelly Wood and I skied up Blueberry Hill in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park on 16 February 2004.  This was our fourth trip up there, and although the sky was overcast, the ski conditions were excellent as usual.  It took us less than two hours to ski to the top from the Elk Pass trailhead (about 8 km one way), and the fabulous return trip took only 50 minutes.  This wasn't a particularly ambitious outing for us, but the skiing was a lot of fun nonetheless.
Mount Fox This is Mount Fox as seen from the Elk Pass trail near the Blueberry Hill junction.  The east ridge (scrambler's route) is visible at left.
Excellent ski conditions! Kelly skis the nicely groomed trail en route to Blueberry Hill.
Sick of looking at Mount Fox, yet? Mount Fox's east ridge doesn't look quite as intimidating from this angle.
Anyone have a chainsaw? Sonny's first trip here was in 1996.  He notices that the trees are seemingly bigger now and are beginning to obscure some of the views across Upper Kananaskis Lake.