Bull Creek Hills
On 13 March 2004, Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I headed out to the Highwood area of southern Kananaskis Country for our second attempt at hiking up to the high point (GR733887) of a group of ridges collectively known as Bull Creek Hills.  We essentially did a loop by crossing Marston Creek, going up to the high point via the east ridge and then descending the south ridge (east of Fir Creek) which can be followed back to our starting point on Highway 541 near the K-Country boundary.  Unlike our first attempt which was cut short by high winds and a general lack of enthusiasm, we were blessed with calm conditions and uplifting sunny skies on this day.   We encountered deep snow in some places and had to do a little route-finding in the trees on the south ridge, but overall, it was an enjoyable and satisfying hike.  Round-trip time was 6 hours.
The hills have eyes... Kelly and Dan would eventually climb up the hill at right before working their way to the high point of Bull Creek Hills at left.
Treebeard? Dan pretends to be a monkey on this dead tree.
Still some work ahead... Dan surveys the rest of the route to the high point of Bull Creek Hills.
One last push through the rocks! Kelly works her way past some small cliff bands near the top.
Lunch time! At the top, Dan and Kelly sit down to enjoy a well-deserved lunch.  Mount Burke is visible on the horizon.
Holy Cross Mountain Holy Cross Mountain
Oh yeah! This is the view of the Highwood Range from the high point (2179 metres) of Bull Creek Hills.
Holy Cross Mountain and Mount Head Dan descends to the saddle just west of the high point.  Holy Cross Mountain and Mount Head dominate the view.
Time to put on the gaiters! Kelly and Dan traverse the hillside en route to the ridge in the middle foreground.
Where did we leave the car? Dan and Kelly pause to admire the rolling foothills surrounding the Highwood River.
I would return to do the loop hike in reverse in 2015.