Mount Crandell
On 13 November 2004, I went to Waterton National Park to scramble up Mount Crandell via the Bear's Hump route as described by Alan Kane.  Blessed with sunny weather and dry conditions, I made good progress up the ridge and generally had few difficulties until I reached the point where Kane's Tick Ridge route merges with the Bear's Hump route.  This is where Kane's "airy cockscomb", a series of rising pinnacles, begins.  Although there is an easier alternative route, I decided to tackle the cockscomb head on.  Once committed, there is no easy way off this narrow and exposed ridge, and I was keenly aware that I might be stymied by an impossible drop-off beyond each successive pinnacle that I climbed.  In particular, I had some trouble downclimbing one or two overhanging spots, but thankfully, I found the rock to be pretty solid.  It took me about forty minutes to get through the cockscomb, but once I emerged onto easier terrain, I had no further difficulties in reaching the summit of Mount Crandell.

After snapping a few photographs at the summit, I followed Kane's suggested "quick descent" route.  Despite some unexpected route-finding challenges, I was able to safely find my way down to the creek bed and out to the highway.  My round-trip time was less than six hours.
Doesn't look so far! This is the view of Mount Crandell from Bear's Hump.
It's not polite to stare! These two sheep stand as motionless as statues.  One looks down the ridge while the other stares directly at the camera.
Lotsa good scrambling! This is looking back down the ridge to the Prince of Wales Hotel far below.
Nice butt shot! Sonny scrambles up an easy rock band.
The scrambling gets tougher... In the foreground is the "airy cockscomb" as described by Kane.  The true summit is hidden behind the false summit seen at upper right.
It's like walking a tightrope! Sonny walks along the crest of the cockscomb.
It's an easy stroll to the summit from here. The true summit, partly occupied by a radio repeater station, is finally in sight.
I wonder if it picks up the Playboy Channel... Sonny takes the last few steps to the summit.
I finally get some good weather on a Waterton summit! Sonny stands on the 2378-metre summit of Mount Crandell.  Mount Blakiston and Ruby Ridge are visible at left.
Yeah, this is what we came to see! This is the view of Upper Waterton Lake from Mount Crandell's summit.  The big peak at left is Mount Cleveland (3190 metres).
Worth another look! This is the view of Middle and Upper Waterton Lakes from Kane's descent route.  The "jutting promontory" described by him is labeled.  The route follows a gully just to the left of the promontory.
Mount Crandell This is looking back up to the summit of Mount Crandell from the descent route.