Dorthea Carter's Wedding
My good friend, Dorthea Carter, married Mike Kishiuchi on 30 October 2004.  The short ceremony at the Blackfoot Inn in Calgary, Alberta was followed by a fabulous dinner and dance.  It was a great celebration, and everyone had a lot of fun.
The Newlyweds Mike and Dorthea pose for the cameras moments after exchanging their vows.
Nice cake. This is the wedding cake.
Everyone looks good in black! Mike and Dorthea are joined by their groomsmen and bridesmaids.
Look out!  That looks like a black widow! Kelly Wood shows off her festive "tattoos" (actually, they're only decals).
How can you tell it's NOT Scott's wedding?  He's still sober after the ceremony!! Marcella Pesiri and Scott Warner enjoy some wine.
A fistful of Srivastava's can be quite a handful! One of the bridesmaids, Rupali Srivastava, reins in her two sons, Nathan (left) and Nicholas.
Amazingly, seven years after these suits were tailored, they still fit! Sonny and Raman (Ray) Srivastava show off their matching suits.
Lookit all da shrimp! It's an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner!
Jerry is the general manager of the Blackfoot Inn. Jerry Scapillati chats with his wife, Alice, while Yolanda Casado waits for their table to be called up for dinner.
My, how they've grown up! Neelam Kaiser and her aunt, Priya Srivastava, are all smiles despite having to wait a little longer for dinner.
Dolly looks like a million bucks! Despite her slim figure, Dorthea proves that she can eat more than her fair share of food.
Jason and Audrey Audrey Warner and her husband, Jason, are having a good time.
They're dancing to Shania Twain's "You're Still The One". The newlyweds have their first dance of the night.
Hold it, Ray! Either Ray thinks he's Michael Jackson, or he just has an itchy crotch!  Kelly isn't too impressed either way.
Kill Bill Volume 3? Dorthea is about to feed Mike a piece of wedding cake while reminding him of what she might do with the knife if she ever catches him with another woman!
Four gals and one guy?  Shake it baby! Scott Mair dances up a storm with Joanne Francis and the other bridesmaids.
What an evening for some terpsichore! Marcella and Scott "tango" the night away.
The party is winding down... Kelly is ready to go home.