Mount Kidd
I went with Vern Dewit and Josh Vegter on 19 June 2004 to scramble up Mount Kidd which overlooks the golf course in Kananaskis Country.  The weather was exceptionally nice on this day, and we made good progress up the drainage on the south side of the peak.  About two-thirds of the way up, Josh began to feel uncomfortable on the steep snow and slabs and decided to wait while Vern and I continued into the upper bowl.  Vern and I took slightly different routes to the summit ridge.  He climbed up alternating snow patches and rocks while I opted for a drier line up a series of steep slabs.  I was pretty dead tired by the time I reached the summit ridge, and I practically staggered the last few metres to the top.  While Vern was busy snapping photos of the spectacular summit views, I took a short nap to re-energize myself.  After about half an hour at the top, Vern and I quickly glissaded down the upper bowl to rejoin Josh.  The remainder of our descent was a combination of sliding, plunge-stepping, and stumbling down snow patches and rock bands.  Lower down, we took another extended break to dry out our gear and enjoy the warm sunshine.  We eventually made it back to Vern's car (a new Toyota Corolla) after a round-trip time of 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Check out Vern's fabulous photos of this trip here.
Into the Danger Zone! Ignoring the "Danger" sign, Josh and Vern cross the bridge over the Kananaskis River.
Anybody find a body? Vern (left) chats with another scrambler about the various paraphernalia (helmet, sunglasses, toque) they are finding on this avalanche slope.  Apparently, there was an accident here a couple of weeks ago.
Oh what fun! Josh and Vern grovel their way up the relentlessly steep slopes.
So close and yet so far... Vern is very close to the summit ridge.
The angle finally relents! Vern and Sonny walk up the last stretch to the summit.
Golf anyone? Vern and Sonny stand atop the 2958-metre summit of Mount Kidd.  Behind Sonny is Mount Bogart.  On the horizon at left is Mount Assiniboine.
Ribbon Lake This is a view of Ribbon Lake from a minor hump just west of Mount Kidd's summit.
Wheeeeeeee! Vern slides on his butt down the snow slope in the upper bowl.
More wheeee-ing! Josh and Vern enjoy the great glissading conditions.
Mount Kidd This is Mount Kidd as seen from the bridge over the Kananaskis River.