KVR To Okanagan Falls
On 3 May 2004, Evalyn Wood, Kelly Wood and I rode our bicycles along the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) from Penticton to Okanagan Falls, British Columbia.  It took us about an hour to get to Okanagan Falls which is at the south end of Skaha Lake (about 17 kilometres one-way and practically flat).  After an entertaining lunch followed by an ice cream treat, we promptly returned the way we came.
Look at that lake! The KVR runs along the west bank of Skaha Lake.  This is a very easy bike ride, but the nice scenery makes it a worthwhile outing.
It sure beats getting snowed on! Evalyn and Kelly easily cruise along the KVR.
Where's the trail?? During lunch, Evalyn and Kelly are harassed by a couple of Mallards.  One of them would eventually snatch a bun right out of Kelly's hands.  For a closer look at these dastardly ducks, click here.