KVR To Summerland
Evalyn Wood rode her bicycle from Penticton to her work in Summerland, British Columbia via the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) on 6 May 2004.  Joining her were Kelly Wood and me.  Facing a strong head wind and a mostly uphill ride (175 metres height gain), it took us nearly two hours to ride 15 kilometres to Summerland.  After escorting Evalyn to work, Kelly and I wandered about downtown for a bit before grabbing a lunch and returning to Penticton the same way.  The return trip was significantly faster.  Later in the day, I drove my car back to Summerland to pick up Evalyn and her bicycle.
Mount Nkwala Evalyn and Kelly ride north toward Mount Nkwala (1020 metres).
Nice flowers. Flowers are blooming all along the KVR.
Trout Creek Bridge About 12 kilometres north of Penticton is the famed Trout Creek Bridge.  Many people find it unnerving to walk across this bridge.
Those that weren't so careful on the trestle?? This is a cemetery just off of Giant's Head Road in Summerland.
Just as fun the second time around! Kelly re-crosses the 76-metre long Trout Creek Bridge on the return trip.
Look down...look waaay down! This is the view from between two wooden ties of Trout Creek which is 73 metres below the bridge deck.