Sentinel Peak
On 11 October 2004, Evalyn Wood, Kelly Wood and I headed to the Livingstone area at the south end of Kananaskis Country to do a bike-and-hike trip up Sentinel Peak.  We essentially biked up the Husky Oil Exploration Road for about 5.5 kilometres before ditching our bikes and hiking through grassy meadows to reach a scenic col south of the peak.  From the col, we followed the south ridge to the summit before dropping down the southwest slopes and returning to our bikes via Sentinel Pass.  The return bike ride was both enjoyable and fast.  Despite extremely windy conditions which mostly affected us while we were on the summit ridge, this was a superb outing with just the right mix of adventure and great scenery.  Our round-trip time was just under 5 hours.
What does it say on the skull? This is a sign on the locked gate at the start of the Husky Oil Exploration Road.
It's pretty tough riding into a stiff wind. Kelly and Evalyn ride up the road into a stiff headwind.  Sentinel Peak is visible in the distance.
We probably could have biked all the way here! Kelly and Evalyn head for the col at right.  Sentinel Pass is off to the far left.
That ridge looks really inviting! The eastern escarpment of Sentinel Peak is evident from the col.
This is a good trip to take your loved ones! Evalyn and Kelly hike up toward a false summit.
What's that 'dot' on the summit? Evalyn takes a breather before tackling the final rise to the summit.
2 hours 53 minutes from the locked gate. Kelly takes the last few steps to the top of Sentinel Peak.  At upper right is Hailstone Butte.
That 'dot' turns out to be a very welcome windbreak. Kelly ducks behind a windbreak at the top of Sentinel Peak.  At right is Mount Burke.  Visible in the distance at left is Raspberry Ridge.
Well done, Evalyn! Evalyn stands beside the survey marker on the 2373-metre summit of Sentinel Peak.
Try not to veer too far to the right! Kelly descends toward broad Sentinel Pass.  Plateau Mountain dominates the opposite side of the pass.
Hmm...what did that sign say again at the beginning?! Evalyn discovered this skull fragment in a gully near Sentinel Pass.  If you have any ideas what kind of animal this skull belongs to, please e-mail me.
You can still see the windbreak at the top of Sentinel Peak! After being battered by strong winds all day, Kelly and Evalyn feel like flying through Sentinel Pass.
What an awesome way to end the trip! After retrieving their bikes, Kelly and Evalyn begin their 20-minute cruise back to the locked gate.