Tryst Lake
On 3 October 2004, Angie Gignac, Evalyn Wood, Kelly Wood and I hiked up to Tryst Lake near Mount Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis Country.  Amazingly on our way in, we all missed the large cairn marking the turn-off to the lake (our conversations must have been quite engrossing), and we had to backtrack a fair distance to find it.  Because we started out later in the day, we had the tranquil lake all to ourselves.  Golden larches and the impressive east face of The Fist added to the lake's charm. 
Keep a sharp eye for the turn-off to Tryst Lake! This is the access road to both Tryst Lake and Commonwealth Creek valley.  Visible in the distance are Mount Cegnfs and Mount Murray.
Gee, I should have been scrambling today instead of eating Dim Sum! The steep trail to Tryst Lake offers some nice views of (L to R) Mount Buller, Mount Engadine, and The Tower.
Ahhh...golden larches! Golden larches abound in the vicinity of Tryst Lake.
Tryst Lake and the Fist This is Tryst Lake with The Fist towering above.
Smiles all around! From left to right are Angie, Evalyn, Kelly and Sonny.