Windy Peak Hills
Kelly Wood and I headed out to the south end of Kananaskis Country on 9 April 2004 to hike up the Windy Peak Hills, a series of five ridge tops with the last one being 2249-metre Windy Peak.  While the hiking was generally easy, we only made it as far as the col separating the third and fourth ridge tops before turning around and completing a circuit via South Twin Creek and the highway.  This entire area deserves some more exploration, and I hope to return later to bag Windy Peak and maybe a few other nearby ridges.
Easy hiking! Kelly makes her way over easy terrain on the first ridge.
Sheep on the horizon. Some sheep stand atop the second ridge.
Another downer! This is looking back up the second ridge from Timber Creek Pass.
We'll be back! Kelly hikes through a cutblock with Windy Peak and its long northwest ridge dominating the background.