Assiniboine Lake
On 6 August 2006, Ceri Chwieros, Wiktor Chwieros, Marc Harden, Edwina (Eddie) Podemski, Chris Wood, Kelly Wood and I drove from Albert-Palliser Recreation Site to the confluence of Aurora and Assiniboine Creeks in British Columbia.  We gorged on wild raspberries beside the road before hiking the long and mostly uninspiring trail up Assiniboine Creek to Lunette Lake.  After a short break, the women returned to a trail junction to continue on to Assiniboine Lake while the men took a more direct route which involved some stimulating bushwhacking.  While most of us were content to only dip our legs and feet in the painfully cold waters of the beautiful lake, Wiktor was bold enough to actually swim in it, albeit only briefly and with much whooping noises.  The long hike back was highlighted by the discovery of huckleberry bushes not far from the trailhead, and Kelly and I could not resist stopping for a second round of gorging.  Unfortunately, I lost my sunglasses somewhere here which proves that there really is no such thing as a free lunch.
It's hard to get going with all the delicious raspberries nearby! The trail up Assiniboine Creek begins near this cut-block.
The cable helps immensely. Eddie, Chris and Ceri wait as Wiktor crosses a log over a raging torrent.
Antri Zhu was at the summit of Mount Assiniboine on this day. A break in the trees reveals this glimpse of Mount Assiniboine and Lunette Peak.
Sigh.  I wish I was scrambling... Mount Sturdee, Mount Assiniboine and Lunette Peak tower above Lunette Lake.
Doesn't that water look inviting? Chris, Wiktor and Marc cross the outlet of Assiniboine Lake.
The Hind Hut can be reached by the scree ramp at the far end of the lake. This is the view to the north across Assiniboine Lake.
Why are glacial lakes so compelling to enter?? While Eddie and Ceri cross the outlet in the background, Wiktor slowly eases his way into the lake.
Yowwww!  That water is f**king freezing!!!! Sonny dips his legs into the lake.
Wiktor:  "Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! I can't swim! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!" Wiktor swims out to retrieve a Kit Kat chocolate bar in a zip-lock bag.
Toad:  "Bunch of pansy humans!" This cold-blooded boreal toad doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold water.