Boom Lake Ski
Kelly Wood and I enjoyed a pleasant and straightforward ski to Boom Lake in Banff National Park on 10 March 2006.  Although I had previously hiked to Boom Lake twice during summer, this was my first winter visit.  Interestingly enough, Kelly's first ever cross-country ski trip was to Boom Lake (quite a few years ago).  This would be her second visit to the lake.
Kinda miss the turquoise blue of the lake in summer. This is the view across Boom Lake from near the east end.  The peak at far right is Bident Mountain.
Easy cruisin'. Kelly skies across Boom Lake.
A scramble for later this year... Copper Mountain dominates the eastern horizon.
WI?  Why not?? The west end of Boom Lake has some interesting icefalls.
It took us about 40 minutes to ski to the west end of Boom Lake. Kelly approaches the west end of Boom Lake.
Another scramble for later this year... This is Mount Bell as seen from the west end of Boom Lake.
Superman's Fortress of Solitude? Sonny and Kelly check out an impressive ice curtain at the foot of Mount Bell.
Nice name for a mountain. Boom Mountain towers above the south side of its namesake lake.
The trail to Boom Lake is definitely more fun to ski than to hike. Kelly negotiates a tricky hairpin turn not far from the trailhead.