Bow Glacier Falls Ski
On 11 March 2006, Kelly Wood and I headed to Bow Lake in Banff National Park to do some cross-country skiing in the area.  We decided to head across the lake and see how far we could get up the route to Bow Hut.  While getting across the lake was easy, we needed to slap on some stickier wax to get up the narrow, winding trail which bypasses the first gorge.  After passing the moraine basin below Bow Glacier Falls, we skied up the canyon leading to Bow Hut.  We got as far as where the route begins to angle left and up through the trees before turning around for the day.  A brief snack break at the moraine basin was followed by a rather wild descent down the narrow, winding trail (not without a few curses).  Although we did not make it to Bow Hut, the tantalizing scenery and excellent ski conditions warrant a return visit some time in the future.
Wow.  Great views already without even breaking a sweat. Kelly skies across Bow Lake.  Bow Peak (left) and Crowfoot Mountain (centre) are visible in the distance.
Mmmmm...onions... Bow Glacier (centre) is flanked by Portal Peak (right) and "The Onion" (left).
Maybe someday I'll get up there... This is the view of St. Nicholas Peak (left) and "The Onion" from near the west end of Bow Lake.
Must be Christmas everyday up there! Here is a closer look at St. Nicholas Peak (2970 metres).
A good place to hang out and catch some rays. This is the moraine basin below Bow Glacier Falls.  At right, Portal Peak (2989 metres) stands guard over the basin.
Avalanche danger wasn't rated high on this day. Kelly heads up the canyon leading to Bow Hut.
Not a good place to linger! This is further along the canyon.
I'll have to come back some other day with proper AT gear. Kelly pauses to survey the remaining section of the canyon.  She and Sonny would turn around just a little further up.
Bow Peak is apparently a popular ski ascent in winter. Bow Peak actually looks impressive in the afternoon sun.  Little Hector is also visible at far left.
Click here to check out the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge website. On the way out, Kelly stops to check out the luxurious Num-Ti-Jah Lodge.