My Engagement Party
On 20 July 2006, Kelly Wood and I invited about twenty of our closest friends and family to our place to help us celebrate the official announcement of our engagement.  Kelly's dad, Bob Wood, and his wife, Una Wood, came from Edmonton, Alberta with a large case of homemade champagne which became the hit of the party.  My mom, Grace Bou, brought some Chinese dumplings to add to the already big spread of appetizers that Kelly and I laid out for our guests.  A good time was had by all, and my only regret was that there was so much beer left over!  Another party perhaps?
I had a tough time icing this cake. Kelly baked this cake (half-chocolate, half-cherry chip) while Sonny decorated it.
That painting on the wall was a communal effort.  Shelley was one of the contributors. Grace, Raman Srivastava, Matt Leith and Shelley Brunner enjoy some champagne and food.
Okay, Mair is actually having a Hoegaarden! Joanne Francis, Scott Mair (standing), Rupali Srivastava and Bob also enjoy some champagne and food.
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but I'd rather have cake! Sonny and Kelly show off the cake and the ring.
I think my dad (RIP) would have approved. Sonny, Grace and Kelly pose together for a photo.
Thank you Una and Bob for the very generous engagement gift! Bob, Una, Sonny and Kelly pose together for a photo.
Rehearsing for the Big Day... Kelly and Sonny are about to cut the cake.
This is a traditional East Indian custom. Kelly and Sonny are both fed cake by, respectively, Raman and Rupali.
And they're still drinking champagne! The party winds down in the gazebo in the backyard.  L to R are Kelly, Una, Bob, Marcella Pesiri, Scott Warner and Yolanda Casado.