Mount Ernest Ross
Mount Ernest Ross is a relatively small peak just southwest of Abraham Lake in Alberta's David Thompson Country.  Its south ridge is little more than a steep hike and offers easy access to the mountain's twin summits.  On 17 June 2006, I was camping with friends at nearby Preacher's Point and decided to make a solo attempt on this peak.

Starting from camp beside North Saskatchewan River, I hiked through light bush before crossing David Thompson Highway and continuing along a good trail on the north bank of Two O'Clock Creek.  I left the trail only a few minutes from the highway and began climbing steadily up the south ridge.  Route-finding was generally easy and I had no real difficulties getting up to the first summit.  A light hailstorm blew in while I was signing the multiple registers, but the weather cleared up nicely by the time I scrambled up the second summit.  I retraced my steps for the uneventful descent and was back in camp after a round-trip time of 7 hours.
Ernest Ross was the first person to drive from Rocky Mountain House to Saskatchewan Crossing. This is Mount Ernest Ross as seen from the highway.  Only the first summit is visible here.
Mostly pleasant ridge walking up ahead. This is looking up from near a dip in the south ridge.  The second summit is visible here.
It doesn't take long to get good views of the surrounding area. Sonny climbs out of the dip on the right after coming over the ridge behind him.  Excoelis Mountain is visible in the distance at centre.
It's amazing how well sheep move on steep, rocky terrain. In an effort to detour around Sonny, a sheep fearlessly descends a steep rock band.
Looks like some fun scrambling coming up! Here are the twin summits of Mount Ernest Ross as seen from a small plateau along the south ridge.
A most welcome diversion! Sonny scrambles up the last rock band before the first summit.
The elevation gain from camp is about 975 metres. Sonny stands atop the 2454-metre summit of Mount Ernest Ross.
There were no less than 4 different register booklets in there! The summit register container is quite unique.
Despite some horribly loose scree, the second summit poses no real difficulties. Sonny heads for the second summit.
Another scramble I want to attempt in the future. This is the south face of Elliot Peak as seen from Mount Ernest Ross.
Not the most flattering picture of me! Sonny reaches the top of the second summit.  The first summit is visible at left.
Fifth register on this diminutive mountain! Sonny shows off the register canister on the second summit with Elliot Peak behind him.
Longest man-made lake in Alberta! Abraham Lake lies northeast of Mount Ernest Ross.
I was tempted to go down a long scree chute just to the right in this photo.  However, I was worried that hiking out Two O'Clock creek might entail some nasty bushwhacking. This is looking back down the south ridge from near the first summit.  At right is the north fork of Two O'Clock Creek.
Cool name for a mountain! Excoelis Mountain is a rather complex peak with five distinct summits.