I took the day off work on 28 April 2006 to head out to the mountains, but I was undecided about what to do.  Knowing that there was still a lot of snow in the main ranges of the Canadian Rockies, I brought my cross-country skis along as I drove out to Burstall Pass parking lot in Kananaskis Country.  There was still good snow coverage on the trail to Burstall Pass, but the very warm weather made ski waxing difficult.  As I struggled up the trail, I began noticing some sizable footprints which I thought had been left by snowshoers.  Upon closer inspection though, these footprints were unmistakably made by a bear.  The size of the paw prints and their freshness in the snow made me a little nervous especially since there was no one else in the area that day.  This was a good excuse to turn around since I was floundering badly on my skis anyway.

After stopping briefly in Canmore, Alberta to pick up some clothes that I had left behind at Mystic Springs Chalet the previous weekend, I ditched my ski boots in favour of my hiking boots and scrambled up GR320583, a diminutive bump on the south side of Trans Canada Highway about 2.5 kilometres northeast of Heart Mountain.  Despite its low elevation (about 1725 metres), GR320583 has more to it than meets the eye, and I quite enjoyed the interesting ascent up the west face (about 425 metres height gain from the highway).  My round trip time was 2 hours and 35 minutes, and a lot of that time was spent playing around with my camera.
Yikes!  Them claws are big!! This is one of the paw prints I encountered as I skied partway up the trail to Burstall Pass.
There's some interesting scrambling to be had here. This is GR320533 as seen from the west across Lac des Arcs.
It's hard to believe that I was skiing only a few hours ago... Sonny hikes up the lower slopes.  Exshaw Mountain is visible across the highway.
Like, how's it going, eh? Instead of flagging tape, much of the route up the west face of GR320533 is marked by empty cans of Molson Canadian.
That Lafarge Canada plant sure looks pretty! The view to the west includes (L to R) Pigeon Mountain, the Three Sisters, Mount Lawrence Grassi, Ha Ling Peak and Grotto Mountain.  At centre is Lac des Arcs.
Not a popular scramble apparently. Here is a close-up view of Mount Fable to the northwest.
Good old Yam always steals the spotlight! Sonny finds some interesting slabs to scramble up.
One of the most popular scrambles ever! Here is a close-up view of Mount John Laurie (Yamnuska) to the north.
The hut is filled with big rocks.  Pourquoi? Near the summit of GR320533 is the "biffy-shaped hut" as described by Gillean Daffern.
Another popular scramble...especially for Andrew Nugara! Here is a close-up view of Mount Baldy to the southeast.
Hey, two minutes for looking so good... Sonny relaxes in the warm sun at the top of GR320533.
My very first hike with Kelly Wood was up to this lookout! Here is a close-up view of Barrier Lake Lookout.
Now all we need are a few gnomes... Not far below the top of GR320533 is this quiet, moss-carpeted forest--a place of unexpected serenity.