Kootenay Plains
Edwina (Eddie) Podemski, Bob Wood, Chris Wood, Kelly Wood and I spent the morning of 18 June 2006 leisurely wandering about Kootenay Plains south of Abraham Lake in David Thompson Country.  There are numerous sweat lodges and large arbours with prayer flags here, presumably used by First Nations people for rituals and ceremonies.  We also visited an interesting cemetery near an old cabin.
I'm sweating already! Kelly stands beside one of the many sweat lodges in the area.
Good place to bring your non-climbing significant others or parents! The Kootenay Plains are a great place to wander and explore with minimal effort.
Kinda creepy like the Blair Witch Project! Chris walks toward a couple of big arbours possibly used as shelters for pow-wows.  Some prayer flags are also visible.
Finally, some cheap, affordable housing with great views! Mount Peskett provides a nice backdrop to one of the arbours.  Note the squat sweat lodge in the foreground.
Hmm...looks strangely like a UFO that has landed... Eddie takes a closer look at one of the more impressive arbours.  The pole at the centre is supposed to represent the tree of life.
Sorry, Bob.  There's nothing to test-drive out here! Bob makes his way across an open field with Mount Ernest Ross in the background.
Which one looks higher? Here is a close-up view of the double summits of Mount Ernest Ross.
Next episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? Kelly stands outside the old cabin which is in remarkably good shape.
A nice way to spend Father's Day! The Woods take a break on some wooden beams.
Not a bad place to spend the rest of eternity! This is the cemetery with Excoelis Mountain in the background.
Admittedly, I have a strange fascination for cemetaries. Chris takes a closer look at the inscription on the cross.  Many of the burial plots are fairly recent.
But some remains were not moved and are still at the bottom of Abraham Lake! Apparently, some old remains--mostly children--were moved to this cemetery when Abraham Lake was created after the construction of the Bighorn Dam in 1972.
I think this is a cool arch. Kelly stands by an enclosure containing the old remains that were moved before the creation of Abraham Lake.
Kinda says it all, I think. This is an excerpt from the Hail Mary.