Leman Lake
Kelly Wood and I kicked off our summer vacation by heading to Albert-Palliser Recreation Site (a free campground southeast of Kootenay National Park) on 5 August 2006.  Joining us there were Ceri Chwieros, Wiktor Chwieros, Marc Harden, Edwina (Eddie) Podemski, Chris Wood and Evalyn Wood.  In the afternoon, we drove up Albert River Forest Service Road and then hiked over Spray Pass to Leman Lake in Banff National Park.  While the hike was easy and pleasant enough, I couldn't help wondering what an awfully long (and sometimes rough) drive it was just to get to the trailhead.
Not the best place to bring your relatively brand new car! Eddie walks alongside Marc's Honda CR-V as it climbs over one particularly rough spot on Albert River Forest Service Road.
After a long day of driving, it's nice to be walking for a change! Chris, Wiktor and Marc lead the way up the road to Spray Pass (far right).  The peak on the right is Mount Leval.
Rick Collier apparently made the first ascent of Lockwood Peak. This is looking back down the Albert River valley.  Left of centre is Lockwood Peak.
Back in Alberta already! The group arrives at Spray Pass on the park boundary (and Continental Divide).
The lake is actually very attractive. Snow Peak dominates the view northeast across Leman Lake.  At left in the distance is Mount Smuts.
Both the south ridge and the alternate descent route look rather scary from this vantage point! Here is a closer look at Mount Smuts.
Maybe the long drive in was worth it after all... Mount Leman towers over the south end of the lake.
Marc was planning on leading an ACC (Edmonton) trip to Mount Sir Douglas later in the month. The group takes a break on the shore.  Mount Sir Douglas peeks up above the distant trees.
Mount Sir Douglas looks a little different from this angle. Here is a closer look at Mount Sir Douglas.