An Afternoon In Radium Hot Springs
The weather was really nice on 24 June 2006--maybe too nice.  Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I headed out to the mountains to do some hiking, but we were undecided as to where to go.  At one point, we decided to hike up Verendrye Creek in Kootenay National Park, but for some reason or another, we missed the trailhead while driving down the highway.  We also considered the hike to Kindersley Pass, but by the time we reached the trailhead for that hike, our enthusiasm had waned with the rising heat of the day.  Instead, we continued driving all the way into Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia and settled for lunch, a crucifixion, and ice cream before heading home to catch an early showing of the movie The Da Vinci Code.  Besides burning a lot of fuel, we didn't accomplish much on this day, but sometimes, it's okay to do nothing!
The three sheep are oddly conjoined at strange places like hoof to butt! Kelly and Dan check out a sculpture of bighorn sheep in front of the Kootenay National Park Visitor Centre.
Why "Our Lady Queen of Peace"?  Shades of the Sacred Feminine (The Da Vinci Code)?? Behind the Visitor Centre is this rather bizarre interpretive trail on the hillside.  The sign reads, "Our Lady Queen of Peace Shrine, Entrance, The Stations Of The Cross".
These statues all have rather grotesque faces. Before Simon of Cyrene was forced to help Jesus carry the cross, a fellow named Dan of Calgary actually volunteered his services.
Nice makeshift cross, Dan! This station is under construction, but Dan and Kelly faithfully re-enact Jesus falling down for the umpteenth time.
O Lord, can You spare some change? Jesus meets some crying women and tells them not to despair.
We should go to Home Depot and pick up some power tools! Dan and Kelly help nail Jesus to the cross.
Now I've got Jesus Christ Superstar ringing through my head! Show's over.  It's time to go get ice cream!