Bryce Canyon National Park
Continuing on with our honeymoon, Kelly Wood and I left Nephi, Utah on 2 June 2007 and headed south to Bryce Canyon National Park.  Still hurting from our epic ascent of the south summit of Mount Nebo the previous day, we took it easy and simply visited the most popular tourist viewpoints in the park.  After having our fill of spectacular hoodoos, we left the park and headed south to the charming village of Kanab near the state border.
They make an excellent thin-crust pizza here! On our way to Bryce Canyon National Park, we stopped for lunch at this small restaurant in Panquitch, Utah.
Too bad the sky was overcast. This is the view looking north from Rainbow Point which is near the south end of the park.
The "ears" of the "Rabbit" must have fallen off. These two hoodoos can be seen from the Agua Canyon viewpoint.  The big one is known as "The Hunter" while the small one is known as the "Rabbit".
Not sure what this one is called... Here is another remarkable-looking hoodoo visible from the Agua Canyon viewpoint.
At least it's not a toll bridge! This arch is naturally referred to as Natural Bridge.
All this erosion is starting to wear a little thin... Kelly stands in front of some interesting grottos near Bryce Point.
Hmmm...Kelly doesn't look overly impressed! This is the view near Bryce Point that the park is so famous for.
It's like a maze down there. Here is a close-up of the hoodoos as seen from Bryce Point.
The hoodoos remind Kelly of candy corn! Kelly strikes a pose on a rock outcrop with hoodoos in the background.