Mount Seven Lookout
Rain was falling pretty hard as Kelly Bou, Dolly Carter, Joanne Francis, Matt Leith, and I checked out of the Bighorn Meadows Resort in Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia on the morning of 23 September 2007.  The lousy weather effectively quashed our plans for a day hike in the area.  After checking satellite imagery on the internet at the nearby Parks Canada information centre, we decided to drive north to Golden in hopes of finding drier weather.  Although it was still mostly cloudy near Golden, at least it was not raining.  We salvaged the day with a short hike up to Mount Seven Lookout, a popular launch site for hang gliders and paragliders.  Although we could have driven all the way to the lookout site, we decided to park at the "10km" trail head and hike up from there (about 240 metres height gain) along a road reserved for mountain bikers.  After a short break at the lookout site, we simply backtracked to the trail head and headed home.  Overall, the hike itself was not particularly memorable, but Kelly and I nevertheless enjoyed the company of our good friends.
I probably could have driven up this road... The group hikes up the road reserved for mountain bikers.
This critter hardly took notice of us as we hiked past it. A chipmunk digs for something good to eat.
Apparently this ramp is no longer used because take-offs are dangerous from here. Dolly and Matt walk out onto the north ramp near the lookout site.
The boulder is a fun scramble! There are a couple of memorial plaques on a big boulder at the lookout site.
Matt even brought a beer for Dolly! Joanne, Dolly and Kelly enjoy some snacks.
This ramp is preferred by hang gliders. Matt checks out the west ramp.
Beats getting rained on! The Dogtooth Range to the southwest is mostly obscured by clouds.
Some paragliders started arriving shortly after this photo was taken. Kelly, Sonny, Joanne, Matt and Dolly pose for a group photo on the north ramp.