San Francisco
Kelly Wood and I arrived in San Francisco, California on 6 June 2007.  We checked into a nice but inexpensive motel (Greenwich Inn) and then walked about 10 blocks to Fisherman's Wharf where we purchased a couple of CityPass booklets which gave us unlimited rides on the transit system (including cable cars) plus free admission to a number of attractions around town.  Our first day's highlights included a visit to Pier 39's Aquarium of the Bay, a boat cruise in San Francisco Bay, a tour of the Boudin sourdough bakery, dinner at the Squat & Gobble Cafe & Crepery, and riding an old cable car to Union Square in downtown San Francisco.
Hmm...I wonder what blue tang tastes like...  This is a blue tang at the Aquarium of the Bay.
Hmm...I wonder what yellow tang tastes like... This is a yellow tang.
Mmmmm...sea anemone... Here is a colourful sea anemone.
Would you like that on your pizza? A school of anchovies swim overhead (?).
Keeping live jellyfish on display in an aquarium is no easy task! These jellyfish look pretty cool.
There's even a conveyer belt to keep people moving! Sonny stares at all the fish swimming around one of the two underwater tunnels at the Aquarium of the Bay.
Photo courtesy of Kelly Wood
I left my heart in San Francisco... This is the San Francisco skyline as seen from the tour boat.
There is an annual "Escape From Alcatraz" triathlon. Here is infamous Alcatraz Island.
The most popular suicide bridge in the world! Wikipedia has some interesting things to say about the famous Golden Gate Bridge.
Oor, oor, oor, oor, oor... Pier 39 is a favourite hangout for California sea lions.
Looks like a giant letter opener! The Transamerica Pyramid is another recognizable San Francisco landmark.
Hey, anyone remember Rice-A-Roni? Kelly catches a cable car near Union Square.
Photo courtesy of Kelly Wood
On our second day, 7 June 2007, we went downtown to visit the California Academy of Sciences & Steinhart Aquarium (CASSA) and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  We then headed to Golden Gate Park and toured the Conservatory of Flowers, the Japanese Tea Garden, and the M.H. de Young Museum.  By this point, we were pretty "toured out" and decided to clear our heads a bit by going out to Ocean Beach on the west side of the city.  Once we got our fill of sand, surf, and wind, we made our way to Russian Hill to visit famous Lombard Street, "the crookedest street in the world".  We ended our day with a fantastic seafood dinner at Bistro Boudin (upstairs from the sourdough bakery).
A sad fate for the little robot, ain't it? Kelly stands beside a familiar-looking mailbox in downtown San Francisco.
I caught some flak from an employee for taking this flash photo. Kelly stands beside a chamber containing a giant sea bass at CASSA.
He's got Happy Feet! This penguin is seemingly happy to be so close to Kelly.
The one that's brown and upside-down looks kinda dead! Seahorses are always fascinating to look at.
Hey, remember that song, "Karma Chameleon"? This chameleon seems to be looking for something to eat.
Kinda look like used condoms! There is a special exhibit of carnivorous plants at the Conservatory of Flowers on this day.  These are pitcher plants.
Feed me, Seymour! Here is the well-known Venus flytrap.
This is why I don't like gardening! Sonny gets too close to one of the bigger Venus flytraps!
Neon Eye-Poking This thought-provoking neon light display can be seen at the M.H. de Young Museum.
Failed T-1000 prototypes! Kelly checks out the "silverware".
Great bowl for a YuccaFlux! Kelly is always on the lookout for nice salad bowls.
Hey, this is more like it! There are a few creepy exhibits in the de Young Museum.
Isn't there something like this at Chintz & Company? This is a rather gaudy fisheye mirror!
This is apparently a dangerous beach which makes it a big draw for surfers. Kelly jumps for joy at Ocean Beach.
Thousands of people came here on 27 March 1964 to witness a tsunami.  I think I would have been running the other way! There is something primeval about gazing out into the expanse of the Pacific Ocean.
I would HATE to live here! Here is famous Lombard Street, "the crookedest street in the world".
Excellent seafood and outstanding bread! Kelly and Sonny stand outside the Bistro Boudin at Fisherman's Wharf.
Kelly and I left San Francisco on 8 June 2007 and headed north to Oregon.
A bridge toll is collected if you are entering the city. A thick fog obscures part of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Photo courtesy of Kelly Wood