Grizzly Ridge To Highwood Ridge Traverse
Looking for a relatively easy day in the mountains, Kelly Bou, Bob Spirko and I headed to Highwood Pass in Kananaskis Country on 20 September 2008 to do a short but entertaining loop hike which included the high points of both Grizzly Ridge (GR413057) and Highwood Ridge (GR422060).  Starting from the parking lot at Highwood Pass, we hiked the crowded trail to Grizzly Col (same approach as the scramble up Mount Tyrwhitt) before turning east to gain the crest of Grizzly Ridge.  From there, we easily hiked to the high point of Grizzly Ridge before traversing the connecting ridge to the high point of Highwood Ridge.  This connecting ridge entails some interesting scrambling, but it never gets too difficult despite looks to the contrary.  From the high point of Highwood Ridge, we descended most of the north ridge before taking a short cut through a stretch of forest near the parking lot.  This short cut was trickier than we were expecting, but we managed to get down without too much trouble and were back at my car after a round-trip time of a little over 6 hours.

Be sure to check out Bob's photos here.
A very interesting-looking mountain. There are already some nice views of Elpoca Mountain early in the trip.
There's a moose that hangs around here sometimes. Kelly stops by a pond on the way to Pocaterra Cirque.
Scrambling up Mount Pocaterra is probably more exciting than hiking up Pocaterra Ridge. Kelly climbs up the trail to Grizzly Col.  Mount Pocaterra (left) and Pocaterra Ridge (centre) are visible in the distance.
I was tempted to join them! Five scramblers head up Mount Tyrwhitt from Grizzly Col.
A good hiking trail takes you up to the ridge crest. Bob and Kelly head for the crest of Grizzly Ridge.
If you've got a good eye, you can even spot Mount Burke and Plateau Mountain on the horizon. This is looking south from the crest of Grizzly Ridge.  The prominent peak at far right is Storelk Mountain.
Easy hiking here. Kelly and Bob hike toward the high point of Grizzly Ridge.
This is actually higher than Grizzly Peak (2500 metres)! Bob and Kelly stand on the 2725-metre high point of Grizzly Ridge.
Pretty nice views for so little effort! Kelly checks out the surrounding peaks which include (L to R) Elpoca Mountain, Tombstone Mountain, Tombstone South and Mount Rae.
A truly nice day to be up here. Bob, Sonny and Kelly pose near the high point of Grizzly Ridge.
Note the beaten path along the ridge. This is the connecting ridge to the high point of Highwood Ridge.  Mount Arethusa is also visible.
Paradise eh?  I've seen better! This is Paradise Valley.  Mist Mountain is at upper left.
Lotsa loose rocks, so watch your step! Bob descends from the high point of Grizzly Ridge.
Best scrambling of the day up ahead! Bob and Kelly make their way over to the high point of Highwood Ridge.
A nub-bagger's paradise! Bob reaches the top of one of the numerous bumps along the connecting ridge.
But it's really not that tricky if you're a hardcore scrambler! Bob descends one of the trickier drop-offs along the ridge.
It's also possible to bypass most of these bumps. Bob steps down from another bump midway through the traverse.
Most likely someone stuck the needle-like rock there. While Kelly scrambles up the lower ledge, Bob climbs up to a needle-like rock sticking up above this bump.
Almost there! The remainder of the climb up to the high point of Highwood Ridge is an easy hike.
Move to the left if you want more exposure! Bob takes a more sporting route to the top.
Looks like a really nice ridge walk. Kelly sticks to the beaten path on her way up.  Highwood Ridge stretches away to the south.
I had to squat so my head wouldn't be cut off by the photo! Bob, Kelly and Sonny pose on the 2697-metre high point of Highwood Ridge.
One of the scariest alternate descents I've ever had! Mount Arethusa dominates the view to the northeast.
Not a nice day up there on 4 September 2004. To the east is Storm Mountain.
Try to avoid that valley at bottom right! Here is a closer look at Mist Mountain to the southeast.
Gap Mountain was where I first met Bob and Dinah. Bob pauses to admire the view during the descent of the north ridge.  Elpoca Mountain is at centre with Gap Mountain further left.
It would be a steep grunt going up this way. Kelly descends from the high point of Highwood Ridge.
There's a spot open in front of my car! Highwood Pass parking lot is very full on this day.
Good dirt surfin' here! Kelly takes a short cut down to the parking lot.
The trip wouldn't be complete without a little bushwhacking! After a short and steep bushwhack, Kelly emerges from the trees very close to the parking lot.