Mount Haffner
Dinah Kruze and Bob Spirko invited me to join them for a snowshoe ascent of Mount Haffner in British Columbia's Kootenay National Park on 22 March 2008.  This would be my first time on snowshoes, and Bob was kind enough to lend me a pair to use on this trip.  Starting from the Numa Falls parking lot, we crossed the highway and eventually headed up the forested slopes south of Vermilion Peak.  Considering that I had not done any serious climbing in over four months, I was encouraged to hear Dinah and Bob remark that the conditions were excellent for snowshoeing.  This area was ravaged by fire recently, and without the snow, our route likely would have entailed some very miserable bushwhacking.  Instead, travel was generally easy as Bob broke trail and led us up through the forest toward the col separating Vermilion Peak and Mount Haffner.  Other than the odd patch of unsupportive snow, we had no problems climbing up the broad west ridge of Mount Haffner.  An uncomfortable breeze kept us from lingering on the summit, and we promptly retraced our steps back down the mountain.  While Dinah and Bob descended without any difficulties, I took a few awkward tumbles on the way down and also developed a small blister on one of my toes.  Despite my slow pace, we still made it back to the parking lot with plenty of daylight left (less than 7 hours round-trip).  Dinner at the Grizzly Paw in Canmore, Alberta capped off another fun-filled day in the mountains.

Be sure to check out Bob's trip report here.
Pretty far! Dinah and Bob briefly follow the old road which runs parallel to the highway.
Not a lot of privacy if you need to make a pit stop! The bulk of the ascent goes through burnt forest.
I can watch Bob break trail all day long! The trees start to thin out on the west ridge of Mount Haffner.
Walking in a winter wonderland! The summit finally comes into sight.
Nice slope for tobogganing! Dinah and Bob stop to put on some warmer clothing before the final summit push.
Bob's like the Energizer Bunny!  He just keeps going and going... Bob resumes climbing up the slope.
Maybe I should go re-climb Vermilion Peak one of these days... Vermilion Peak looks resplendent in the afternoon sun.
Dinah is probably already thinking about what she's gonna eat for dinner! Dinah shows off her snowshoeing technique.
I kept expecting this to be only a false summit. Bob takes the last few steps before the summit.
I look cross-footed and perhaps even cross-eyed! Sonny, Dinah and Bob stand on the 2534-metre summit of Mount Haffner.
Seems like eons ago when I was up there. Mount Whymper can be seen to the north.
Brings back memories of my first backpacking trip! The Rock Wall is the most prominent feature to the west.
The unnamed ridge in the foreground looks somewhat inviting... The view to the southwest includes Foster Peak (3204 metres) on the left horizon.
Possibly another snowshoe ascent? Southeast of Mount Haffner is a higher unnamed summit.
Beautiful area.  Too bad it's such a miserable ordeal to get in there... To the east are the headwaters of Haffner Creek with Mount Ball situated at centre on the skyline.
Magnificent! Stanley Peak dominates the view to the northeast.
This would have been really fun to ski down... Here is another look at Vermilion Peak as Dinah and Bob head down Mount Haffner's west ridge.
This would NOT have been fun to ski down! The bulk of the descent goes through burnt forest.
Apparently the Numa Falls parking lot is a great place to "make out"! Bob and Dinah walk back to the parking lot along the highway.