Forgetmenot Ridge
Taking advantage of the gate opening for the season on Highway 66, Kelly Bou and I headed to the Little Elbow area of Kananaskis Country to hike up Forgetmenot Ridge on 17 May 2009.  Following the route description in Gillean Daffern's Kananaskis Country Trail Guide, we had no difficulties until we reached tree line where we encountered hip-deep snow.  Thankfully, someone had broken trail for us, and the snow was still firm enough in places to support our weight.  Once we gained the crest of the ridge, the snow was only about ankle-deep, but walking through this stuff was nevertheless tiresome.  Furthermore, the wind picked up and relentlessly battered us for the rest of the day.  By the time we reached Old Forgetmenot, the high point of the ridge, we were not particularly motivated to continue on to Forgetmenot Mountain and simply turned around.  Our round-trip time was 7.5 hours.
Wish all fords were like this! Kelly crosses the Big Elbow River which is surprisingly dry.
Lots to see on the way up. Kelly stops to catch her breath on the way up the ridge.
It's a long walk to get there! Kelly heads for Old Forgetmenot, the high point on the ridge (on the horizon at centre).
This is where you wish you had skis. The plod continues.  Cougar Mountain is visible at upper right.
Looks like a good toboggan run! Kelly approaches the foot of the rocky knob described by Daffern.
This was the only place on the ridge that offered some shelter from the wind. Kelly scrambles up the rocky knob.
There's nowhere to hide from the wind. Kelly reaches the 2332-metre high point of Forgetmenot Ridge, also known as Old Forgetmenot.
According to Bob Spirko, it's actually 10 metres lower than Old Forgetmenot. Forgetmenot Mountain lies to the southeast.
Another one on my to-do list! Bluerock Mountain dominates the view to the southwest.
For me, the bike ride was more memorable than the scrambling on this one. The unmistakable flattop to the west is Mount Romulus.
If you look closely, you can also see the crux for Mount Remus at far left. To the northwest rises Fisher Peak.
Can you spot Kelly? This is looking back along Forgetmenot Ridge with Nihahi Ridge in the background.
That's one sad-looking inukshuk! Kelly stands beside what looks to be an inukshuk on the ridge.
We took a break here out of the wind, but there were not a lot of comfortable places to sit! Kelly down-climbs the rocky knob.
We still have a long slog ahead to get back to the car... Kelly descends to the foot of the knob on the way back.