On Boxing Day 2009, Dinah Kruze and Bob Spirko invited me to join them on a snowshoe trip up GR244254, an outlier to the west of Kent Ridge North Summit in Alberta's Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  The temperature at the trailhead was bitterly cold that morning, but we warmed up quickly once we started hiking up the ridge north of Sawmill Creek.  Although Bob had downloaded a GPS track from Tony Daffern's recent trip report, we still had some difficulty navigating through the confusing maze of overgrown trails and old roads.  With some perseverance, Bob led us up to tree line, and we ditched our snowshoes before continuing easily to the top.  A very slight breeze made it too uncomfortable to linger there, and we retreated back down the ridge a bit before taking a break.  An uneventful descent had us back at Bob's car after a round-trip time of a little more than 5 hours.

Be sure to check out Bob's photos here.
When it's this cold, you wanna be using the heated washrooms at Pocaterra Hut! Dinah treks across the unplowed parking lot of Sawmill trailhead.  GR244254 is visible at far left.
Dinah and I were ready to turn back at this point! Bob and Dinah try and figure out where the route goes.
The weather was perfect up here. Dinah and Bob follow the open ridge above tree line.
Looks kinda like K2, doesn't it? Mount Birdwood looks amazing to the west.
That sheep moved up the ridge so effortlessly--four legs are definitely better than two! Dinah and Bob follow a bighorn sheep further up the ridge.
The top is further away than you think. Bob steers clear of some cornices overhanging the ridge.
Hmm...shoulda gone skiing at Sunshine today! Dinah trudges up the slippery slope as a terrific panorama unfolds behind her.
It would have been nice to continue on, but we did not have enough daylight. Dinah and Bob reach the top of GR244254.  Kent Ridge North Summit dominates the background.
The outlier on the right is probably another feasible snowshoe trip. This is looking south along the length of Kent Ridge.
Maybe a ski and scramble trip later this winter? Mount James Walker is visible to the north.
Not for the timid... To the northwest, Mount Chester (distant left) peeks out from behind the unnamed ridge between Headwall Creek and James Walker Creek.
Arguably the most striking peak in the area. Here is a more complete view of Mount Birdwood.
Be careful where you sit down! Dinah stops to take a break further down the ridge.
Mmmmm...sastrugi... Here is a close up of some sastrugi along the ridge.
Dinah is my BFF! ;-) Dinah has some difficulty getting out of a tree well after taking a spill.